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Japanese whisky and sushi bar in Bangkok

About Us

Maison Mizuki

Enter Madame Mizuki’s realm at Maison Mizuki, a blend of Japanese restaurant Bangkok and captivating whiskey & cocktail bar in Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit. Explore the best whiskey bar Bangkok with a premium collection from Japan and beyond, guided by our renowned whiskey bible. Indulge in six signature cocktails capturing contemporary Japan’s essence. Maison Mizuki offers more than a cocktail bar Bangkok; it’s the finest whiskey experience, crowned the best in Bangkok. Join us for an extraordinary fusion of spirits and gastronomy, where whiskey artistry meets culinary excellence. 

Hours & Location

Every Day from 5 PM – 1 AM

At the Ground Floor of

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

Maison Mizuki

the best whiskey bar Bangkok 

Immerse yourself in the captivating narratives behind each whiskey with our Whisky Bible, offering not only a delightful sip but also a wealth of knowledge. For those in search of the best whiskey bar Bangkok, Maison Mizuki stands as an unparalleled destination. 

Authentic Japanese

Sushi in Bangkok

Experience the authentic flavors of Mizuki’s hometown at Maison Mizuki, an esteemed Japanese restaurant Sukhumvit. Delight in our exquisite sushi in Bangkok, crafted with the finest, freshly imported fish and more.


Experience Mizuki’s journey through whisky, cocktails, and sushi delights.